My name is Cecilia Aretz, a freelance photographer based in Hamburg, with focus on portrait, reportage and people photography. I started getting interested in photography a couple of years ago when I was studying media art&design at the college of fine arts in Saarbrücken. For about 5 years I have worked as an assistant for TV productions and several photographers before I started doing my own thing.

Besides my job I continuously work on free projects. My main interest is to discover social topics. Portraying people is the most important thing for me because I think portrait photography really shows the spirit of a person.


While I’m working on free projects, I still take enough time to be spontaneous apart from the planning  to discover the right place and time for them. My constant travel companion, by the way, is my analogue camera. Working with it is a much slower and a more conscious process, which gives me the opportunity to discover photography from a different point of view. Additionaly, I like spending some time in the darkroom, especially on rainy days, which aren’t rare in Hamburg. Some of my analog pictures can be seen on my Instagram account.

You are very welcome to contact me for any requests and collaboration.

“Das musste sein”, 10. Aufschlag, BFF Hamburg - 2018
“Sichtweise”, Photoweeks Stuttgart- 2017
“Uncommissioned”, 09. Aufschlag, BFF Hamburg - 04.05. - 07.05.2017
“Reduktion”, Triebwerk, BFF Berlin - 06.10. - 09.10.2016
„Eilt...” Diplomarbeit, Galerie der HBKSaar - 19.04.2013  –  03.05.2013
„Schöne Künste“ in Saarbrücken - 15.07.2012
Art Metz - 01.04.2011  –  15.07.2012
“Loopingstar”, Café et Al, Saarbrücken - 17.01.2011  –  07.02.2011
Photokina meets Academy - 21.09.2010  –  23.01.2011
“GOOD NEWS”, HBKsaar Galerie - 06.07.2010  –  26.09.2010
Viewfinder” Camera obscura, Saarbrücken - 29.01.2010     –  06.08.2010
Vordiplom, Theaterfotografie, im Theater Sparte4, Saarbrücken - 30.10.2009    –  01.02.2010
Kurzfilmtage im Kino 81/2, Saarbrücken - 06.02.2009   –  21.12.2009
“Das begehbare Märchen”, Saarbrücken - 30.10.2008    –  18.01.2009
“ZOOM 2008”, Saarbrücken - 10.10.2007     –  10.02.2008


2018  –  BFF Aufschlag Award Junior Gold
2016  –  “Selected” Pic Förderpreis
2015  –  Newcomer Nominee German Design Award